Addictive Design

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Smartphones and apps are deliberately designed to be addictive. Tech companies hire product designers, and researchers to analyze the habits and vulnerabilities of their users to keep them engaged in their technology. Endless notifications, continuous scrolling, and bright visual content are just examples of how these devices keep their hold on their users, at the expense of their productivity, their jobs, family and mental wellbeing.

One visitor to the TAG office said it well, “This device is not a phone. It’s a time-waster.” It’s designed to monopolize your time. Incidentally, it also makes phone calls. Unfortunately, our brains and self-control often prove no match for teams of professionals who are brainstorming the most effective ways to exploit our own psychology.

To mitigate this challenge, consider installing a smartphone or computer filter. Filters serve a dual purpose, not only removing harmful content but also empowering you to block or limit your access to addictive apps and websites. Filters are an effective tool to help regain control over your technology use and make responsible and successful choices about how to spend your time, and life, more wisely.

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