Tech Triumphs: Basic Benefits

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Going to the MVA to deal with paperwork or driver’s license issues is very high on my list of unpleasant errands.

Recently, I needed to renew my license. I walked into the MVA past Northern Parkway and waited on the line to get registered. The woman at the desk announced that everyone on the line needed to use their phones to register and then wait to be called.

I took out my flip phone and showed it to her. She said, “Oh, I know your type! You’re the ones without the smartphones. Come with me and I’ll get you signed in!” She cut the line for me, got me registered and pushed up the list quickly. My lack of a smartphone got me special treatment!

The experience was shockingly quick, and I was finished in record time. Next time you need to go to the dreaded MVA, just bring a flip phone and you might be guaranteed a quick trip!

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