Why, Oh Why, Spotify?

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Spotify is a widely-used app for enjoying music and podcasts, yet it contains a considerable amount of objectionable content. With a free account, users gain access to nearly all content on Spotify. While this encompasses a range of safe material such as Jewish music (both contemporary and classic) and high-quality Shiurim (Torah classes), it also includes music with explicit language, uncensored video podcasts, and pirated movies catering to any interest. A misspelled search or a curious teen can easily reveal this material. Free accounts also insert audio or video advertisements that cannot be skipped. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to be immersed in a Yeshiva’s Shiurim on Spotify, only to be interrupted by a commercial promoting beer or shampoo.

Subscribing to a paid plan can eliminate ads, but opting for an even pricier family plan is necessary to access parental controls that restrict the user to non-explicit content. Regrettably, there is a significant amount of highly explicit content that remains unmarked and unblocked by parental controls. Additionally, there are loopholes that can be exploited, rendering these controls pretty worthless. While filtering solutions may conceal static images on Spotify’s PC version and smartphone app, none of them can restrict access to the content.

Although Spotify is free and offers a vast array of content, those benefits are overshadowed by risks. If you’re in search of Jewish music, podcasts, and Shiurim, numerous alternatives exist. Various Jewish music and podcast apps, along with safer methods for obtaining other content, are available. Schedule an appointment with our technicians at TAG Baltimore to explore a solution that best suits your needs.

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