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Cricut machines are all the rage among creative families and children. With these machines, you can produce professional-looking labels and designs for all sorts of surfaces. However, using the machine requires access to the Cricut app, which can work on a laptop but requires an internet connection. More than that, when the internet device has a filter installed you’ll need to set up a special exception to bypass the filter for the app. This means anything accessible within the app, including clip art, design ideas, and interaction with other designers worldwide, will be unfiltered. There is content on the app many would find objectionable, especially for their children.

There are alternatives to Cricut that don’t require internet access or even a PC. For instance, the Silhouette Cameo does require a PC for its initial setup, but afterwards its app will work offline. The Brother ScanNCut, doesn’t even require a PC. It allows you to scan in your own designs, and provides access to a wide array of built-in designs you can select and edit on its integrated screen.

If you do opt for the Cricut over these alternatives, it’s recommended that you supervise activity on the unfiltered app. Curious children might inadvertently explore the app and come across content that you may not be comfortable with.

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