MP3 Players: A Touchy Subject

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Touchscreen MP3 players have seen a surge in popularity, particularly among children who have yet to reach the age for owning a phone equipped with an integrated media player. Almost all touch music players are powered by the Android software, the same system used by Android smartphones. However, the majority of these MP3 players lack proper security measures, allowing them to access the internet when connected to a WiFi network.

One such player, known as the Timkoo, has been gaining traction within our communities and has even been offered as a prize incentive for children. The Timkoo provides quick access to Google and the internet with just a few taps. Even an unsuspecting, curious child might mistakenly discover that their player can go online while exploring the MP3 player’s settings. Online instructions, and YouTube demonstrations, detailing all the necessary steps to access the unfiltered internet on this device are readily available.

Much like smartphones, even a player marketed as “Kosher” can potentially access the internet and play videos. If your child lacks the technical know-how to figure it out, they might have friends who can.  See here for an up-to-date list of TAG Approved Kosher MP3 players or players that the TAG office can modify to remove the radio feature.

From Text Triumphs, a Bi-Weekly TAG Baltimore Column in Baltimore Jewish Home

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