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Many would rather avoid the distractions, addictiveness, and constant temptations associated with carrying a smartphone in their pocket. However, for various reasons, they often find it challenging to transition to using a basic phone. Some are drawn to the convenience of smartphone apps that offer features unavailable on computers, such as mobile bank deposits, Whatsapp, and Waze. Others find the texting experience on a basic phone with no keyboard too cumbersome, opting for the efficiency of touchscreen typing.

To facilitate a smoother transition, some have chosen to carry a basic phone while setting up a portable tablet or iPad with the necessary apps. This approach allows them to enjoy the convenience of apps without the need to carry them wherever they go. Connecting to wifi or a portable wifi hotspot enables online access for the tablet. Additionally, there are kosher basic phones equipped with a wifi hotspot feature. Some tablets can even have cellular internet data, just like a smartphone.

Certain basic phone brands have touch screens or speech-to-text functionality to simplify texting. Some kosher basic phones even include Waze and/or email features. Notably, a reputable company offers a device exclusively for Waze or email use. Whatsapp can also be installed on some tablets, and there is even a laptop version, though it requires an app version on a smart device to be linked to your phone number at the same time.

Another alternative is to confine smartphone use to the office, relying on a basic phone when out and about. This approach may involve managing two phone numbers and bills, but call forwarding features or a Google Voice number can ease the process. T-Mobile offers an app called “Digits” that enables the use of the same phone number on two devices.

While finding a solution may demand creativity and some degree of self-sacrifice, making the switch from a smartphone to a basic phone has been a worthwhile investment for many that has paid off in a richer, more present life.

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