You Decide, TAG Helps

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When TAG installs a filter on your device, it’s you, the customer, who decides how lenient or strict your filter is, determining what is allowed and what is blocked. TAG’s customers range from those requesting a complete block on all content on their laptop to use at their Yeshiva for typing notes and writing papers, to those customers who only want to block inappropriate content.

You have the autonomy to choose the categories of websites to allow and which to block. One customer may opt to allow websites and apps related to finance, business, and education, while another may decide to grant access to health, reference, and shopping. The customer also has the freedom to decide whether they want to view all images on the websites they visit or have them blocked. They can even permit images and choose to have the filter paint over human skin with a solid color.

The rumor that TAG or filter companies impose their own ideals on customers and decide what they are allowed to see is simply not true. One popular filter even offers an option for parents to be the ones to approve or reject requests to unblock sites made by their children through the filter’s settings. TAG is committed to assisting you in setting up a solution that works best for you, utilizing the tools and resources available to them.

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