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Many kosher devices on the market today, such as phones and MP3 players, do not have any official kosher certification agency ensuring the safety of the device. This is unlike the kosher food industry which has a number of respected certifying agencies overseen by known Rabbinic authorities. The kosher device industry is relatively young and does not have this level of formal oversight. In the current state of affairs, a merchant selling or manufacturing a device can issue a statement of its Kashrus, and even design a certification emblem with Hebrew lettering, while in truth the only individual overseeing its safety standards is the merchant itself.

TAG technicians have found that some of the devices advertised as Kosher contain serious flaws in their protection and can open an unfiltered internet browser without much difficulty! TAG Baltimore, as well as other TAG offices, may sell devices on behalf of an outside merchant, but these devices have been thoroughly researched and approved by TAG’s international network of technicians.

Before you purchase a device that is advertised as kosher, make sure the protection is indeed safe and the merchant can be trusted. Your local TAG office is ready to help you in your research so you can make an informed decision.

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